March 29, 2017

Get a Sim Only Mobile Phone Deal

You are virtually guaranteed a SIM Only contract with some networks.

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Sim Only mobile phone deals have many benefits! A Sim Only contract is one where you pay for the sim only (the minutes and texts) as you do not get a handset. This provides an excellent opprtunity for many users:

  • Credit check is easier to pass – Sim Only contracts are 30 day rolling contracts. This means you can cancel at any time. There is also no handset provided. Because of this, networks are A LOT more likely to accept your application.
  • Cheaper – Since you are not paying for the handset, you will be getting some fantastic deals!
  • Flexible - As mentioned, only 30 days notice is required to cancel, so you are not tied down. You can also move up and down the tariffs at any time.
  • Value for Money – Excluding the fact you are not getting a handset and will pay less, Sim Only contracts provide value for money in terms of texts and minutes that could never be matched by standard contracts.

Acceptance rate for Vodafone and T-Mobile Sim Only deals is very high!

Networks Offering a Sim Only Contract

T-Mobile Sim Only Contract (recommended)

Vodafone Sim Only Contract (recommended)

Orange Sim Only Contract

O2 Sim Only Contract

Virgin Sim Only Contract

Our Advice

Your chances of approval are greatly improved when you apply for a Sim Only plan no matter how bad your credit rating is. If you are happy with the handset you have (or are simply not bothered about the latest ‘technological’ phones) and do not want to be tied into a contract, then Sim Only contracts are the best option!

The reason why credit check are easier is because no free mobile phone is provided. As such, the network is not trying to recoup money back for the handset which is gave for free. This means any potential customer who would otherwise be risky, is not as risky. Add to that the fact that contracts are normally only 30 days and there is no long agreement, and you can see why it also gives the network flexibility and they are more likely to accept someone who has bad credit.

You get the value for money of a standard contract (better), combined with the flexbility of Pay as You Go. If you think a bad credit Sim Only contract may be right for you, then you should apply now at one of the four networks above. In fact we strongly recommend this for anyone who has been refused for a contract phone recently or has a very low credit score. These deals will give you a much better chance of being approved. Once you are accepted and have paid your bills on, you can always upgrade and ask for a mobile phone.