March 29, 2017

Get a Mobile Phone Contract with O2

O2 is a very reputable mobile phone network, and particularly popular among the younger generation. The credit check is not the easiest to pass, however it not the most difficult either. Apply now to find some great mobile phone deals at O2…

O2 – Pass Rate: Good… Click Here to go to the O2 Website


More About O2

O2 is a popular mobile phone network in the UK and is officially known as Telefónica O2 UK. In fact, up until the merger between T-Mobile and Orange which resulted in the company Everything Everywhere, it was the biggest telecommunication company in the United Kingdom. O2 currently specialise in providing consumer mobiles phones (both contract and pay as you go), Sim Only (which is branded by them as Simplicity), mobile broadband and home broadband. Aside from this they also actively target the business community with business phones and tariffs. O2 is generally very highly regarded for its customer service, which includes UK call centers as opposed to other companies such as 3 Mobile. They also reward their customers and give them priority when it comes to tickets being sold at the O2 arena in London.

If you are looking for a mobile phone contract then O2 are a very good choice as they are always looking to stock the best handsets. This was shown especially when they signed an exclusive deal with Apple to sell iPhone contracts when it was initially launched. Despite initial skepticism by some whether the partnership would work, it turned out to be very profitable for both O2 and Apple. There is also a great choice of tariffs at O2 with which you can get lots of different bolt-ons such as extra data, extra messaging, extra calls home and abroad as well as insurance. They have lots to offers so well worth taking a look.