February 10, 2016

iPhone 4

apple iphoneThere’s a reason why the Apple iPhone 4 is always in hot demand. It’s a great smartphone and gadget which is very fashionable. Unfortunately, many people are unable to get the iPhone on contract due to a bad credit rating.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a guaranteed iPhone contract. The only way to get an iPhone with no credit check is to purchase it on PAYG or SIM Free. But we all know how expensive that is!

There is another way, keep reading! This site was set up by people who have worked in the mobile phone industry and know a few little secrets. What you need to know is that networks change their credit checks all the time depending on when they need more customers to increase business! Not all networks have the same credit checks either, and it’s much easier to get accepted if you apply with them directly and on the internet.

But we recommend you do not apply for the iPhone 4 – It’s a very expensive phone and the monthly payments are high. So networks are looking for people who have a good credit rating. It’s very unlikey you will get approved otherwise.

This is what we recommend - So if you have really bad credit, then forget the iPhone and apply for similar phones such as the HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy S or even a BlackBerry phone. If you do this, we recommend you apply now with Vodafone, Virgin and T-Mobile as you are much much more likely to get approved.

But if your credit history is ok or not the worst, then try applying with Vodafone or T-Mobile. You might want to take the risk anyway, it is up to you – but be careful, too many denied applications worsens your credit score.

We hope this little guide has helped you! Read our Apple iPhone 4 Review Below…

The Apple iPhone 4 is a slim Smartphone that many consumers have come to love for many valuable reasons. Users have their choice of 16 or 32 gigabyte models, depending upon the user’s needs of course. The 3.5 inch multi-touch screen delivers radiant images with 960×640 pixel resolution at a quality of 326p and the best part is that the screen is fingerprint and scratch resistant to keep it looking like new all the time.

Although the Apple iPhone 4 only comes in black and white, there are many more accessories like decorative cases, protective and rugged cases, screen protectors and iPhone skins to help you personalize your iPhone to suit you. Many users claim their favorite feature on the iPhone is its ability to download and play millions of different applications, widgets and games for endless entertainment.

The iPhone 4 is host to a variety of audio formats including wav, aac, HE-AAC, mp3, protected AAC and a variety of other audible formats. It also plays host to numerous video formats including HD between 264p and 720p, M-JPEG, MP4, M4V, MOV, MPEG-4 and others.

This iPhone also has the ability to record in 720p HD quality with up to 30 frames per second so that you can enjoy high quality video recordings of important events and unforgettable moments all you want. The 5 megapixel flash camera produces VGA high quality pictures and video with ease and the iPhone allows for geotagging for both video and pictures.

In the end, the Apple iPhone 4 is the latest in a great line of touch screen Smartphones and if you have not used one yet you might want to give it a try. There are endless capabilities within the iPhone 4 for both personal and business use, which makes them versatile and useful to people everywhere.

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