March 29, 2017

Best Mobile Phone Network For Bad Credit

One of the most popular questions that’s gets asked is what is the best mobile phone network for people with bad credit? It’s no secret that mobile phone contracts are extremely popular as they give you the luxury of getting the latest phones whilst also being able to call, text and browse the internet for much cheaper than it would be on Pay As You Go. However, contract phones are effectively credit agreements, and therefore all networks undertake a credit check. As such, those with a low credit score, or considered to have bad credit can often struggle to get approved.

However, not all mobile phone networks have the same credit checking criteria! Whether it is O2, Orange, Virgin, T-Mobile, Vodafone or 3 Mobile – they all assess your applications on different criteria and factors. Some place more importance on certain criteria, for example, being registered on the electoral roll. One thing for sure is, that some of the networks are more sympathetic, or more likely to accept those with a bad credit score. It’s for this reason that one person can be accepted by one network, whilst having just been refused by another network the previous week! There are many people who can testify this, as research shows that many of us have been refused a mobile phone contract at one time or another.

So what do you do? One option is to apply with all the networks turn by turn until you get accepted by one. But that isn’t the best idea as you will be leaving footprints on your credit file each time you get rejected, which can actually make your credit history worse. But that’s where we can hep. Our website was set up to help those with poor credit get a contract mobile phone. We have done extensive research from our own tests, to customer feedback. We are also a team of people who have worked within the industry and know how to get you accepted. We also know which the best mobile phone networks for bad credit customers are. So here’s our list, and make sure you apply directly at the network to increase your chances of acceptance. Opt for a lower prices handset, and you are very likely to be accepted!

Best Networks For Bad Credit

Apply now with one of the following mobile networks to get accepted, as they are more likely to accept people who have a bad credit rating.

Vodafone – great network for those with poor credit, apply for a SIM Only deal for even better acceptance rates.

Virgin Mobile – best network for mobile phone contracts with an easy credit check, very high acceptance rates.

T-Mobile – another great choice, SIM Only or contract phone, they are well known to accept applicants with bad credit.

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